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Get Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable


One of my favorite phrases is “get comfortable with being uncomfortable.” As a wealth advisor, I am constantly helping people with their money and money can be uncomfortable, awkward, boring, ...

Get Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable2022-09-30T17:03:29+00:00

The Big 6 Takeaways


I was presenting on a Zoom panel and left the attendees with 6 wise lessons I learned over the years. Here are the big 6 takeaways: Don’t ever burn bridges. ...

The Big 6 Takeaways2022-09-30T17:07:11+00:00

4 Pearls of Wisdom


As the years go by our wisdom increases. This happens from making mistakes and learning from them. It is also from gaining advice from others, ideally from having a mentor. ...

4 Pearls of Wisdom2022-09-30T17:07:59+00:00


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