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Get Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable

One of my favorite phrases is “get comfortable with being uncomfortable.” As a wealth advisor, I am constantly helping people with their money and money can be uncomfortable, awkward, boring, overwhelming and sometimes impossible to understand. So, if you are uncomfortable with money how do you become comfortable with it? I believe learning about something new about money every day can help. It could be as simple as looking up your credit score, reading an article, looking at your 401(k) and seeing how much you have earned so far. It is learning how to feel in control of your money rather than having your money be in control of you. 

Most of us were not taught financial education since most schools don’t have it in their curriculum. Unless your parents taught you about it growing up, you were left to figure it out on your own. Compound onto that if you have ever had the fear of math as it can impede the fear of money.  It happened to me back in 6th grade. I had been in advanced math and then one day my math teacher was gone so I sat in with the regular math class. The teacher had written a math problem on the board and I was called on to go up and answer it. I wrote out my answer, went to take my seat and just then realized I had solved it incorrectly; however, I wasn’t able to go back up and change it.  The teacher then pointed out how I was incorrect and made it quite a big deal because I was from the advanced math class.  From that day on I was never in honors math. I later then realized I put a mental block on my mind that I had to work years to take off. I thought if I can’t do math that means I can’t do money. It is amazing how our money memories define how we think about money and sometimes make us uncomfortable with money. The power of the mind is amazing. It is amazing how we can use the power of our mind to be in charge of our confidence and help us be in charge of our money. 

We need to focus on feeling uncomfortable, not only with money but with everything. What makes you feel uncomfortable? Why does it? And what can you do about it to change it?  By figuring this out,  we take a risk and push ourselves which in turn will boost our confidence and that is when we can do more and be more. If we get comfortable being uncomfortable, we will learn more about money. We will have a financial plan. We will take the steps to build goals and achieve them. We will be able to set greater and more goals and work to achieve them. 

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Nicole is a money maven, a knowledge junkie, and a born coach. She is an entrepreneur who has run her own wealth management firm since 2003. Nicole is the author of five books, and the mother of two phenomenal children.

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