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The media turns to Nicole Middendorf for her financial education and real-life perspective on saving, and budgeting. Due to Nicole’s ability to make complicated subjects easy to understand, she is always able to connect with an audience and inspire self-belief. She is an accomplished and inspirational female speaker who is in her element whether in a one-on-one interview or taking part in a panel discussion.

As the author of a number of books focused on financial education, Nicole is committed to putting out a message that motivates the audience and gives each individual something to take away from the interview. Nicole understands the dynamics involved in various media settings and always provides value through content that is both engaging and actionable.

Nicole Middendorf Empowering People

When Nicole speaks, audiences are enthralled; not because they feel an obligation to listen, but because she shares ideas that make sense in the real world. Her experience as a mother who has faced many of the same challenges as audience members allows Nicole to convey a message that resonates. The idea that the average person can become wealthy without compromising quality of life while on the journey is one that Nicole has lived and can demonstrate through her captivating story.

Nicole is known for her thoughtful, yet concise quotes, on-air presence and her articulate delivery in radio and television interviews. She respects deadlines and responds to media requests in a timely manner.

If you would like a strong female speaker who empowers people to pursue their goals through financial education, Nicole Middendorf is available for media requests.

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