As an Author, TV/radio personality, Wealth Advisor, and Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, Nicole Middendorf is an engaging speaker who brings years of experience and energy to every presentation. Her goal is to make money fun and easy to understand for all.

Nicole is a gifted public speaker who has honed her skills and knowledge through years dedicated to setting and achieving goals. She has encountered and overcome numerous challenges on her journey and inspires others to become financially independent by sharing her story and strategies. Nicole has been interviewed by various media outlets and as a guest on financial panels, due to her fun, yet effective approach to generating wealth.

Captivating Audiences

When speaking to an audience, Nicole recognizes that each individual has their own dreams and vision for the future. It is this knowledge that allows Nicole to speak in front of a crowded room, while still achieving her goal of reaching out and inspiring each audience member. Every speech or conference is carefully crafted to ensure that audiences take away actionable strategies to set and achieve personal financial goals.

If you are holding a community event or class designed to help individuals or groups gain financial freedom, Nicole Middendorf can effectively provide the necessary tools for success. Her work as a financial advisor working with ordinary people and her success as an inspirational female author gives Nicole a unique insight into barriers to creating wealth.

Nicole enjoys working with associations, organizations and companies to offer presentations that are both captivating and provide simple tools for association members, groups and employees to become financially independent. See the dropdown menu in the form below for a number of topics on which Nicole gives presentations.

Schedule Nicole to speak at your next meeting or conference. Fill out the form below. All speaker fees are donated to the Nicole Middendorf Foundation to help with Financial Literacy and Domestic Abuse.

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