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About Nicole


A domestic violence survivor in the male dominated financial industry uses her own experience to change lives with the Live It List™.

Nicole is a knowledge junkie, a mentor, and a born coach. She is an entrepreneur who has run her own business since 2003. Nicole is the author of five books, and the mother of two phenomenal children. She is also a world traveler, a philanthropist, and an accomplished public speaker.

As a speaker Nicole shares a real-life perspective on life and happiness with audiences across the country. Her primary goal is to inspire others to make real change in their lives by taking complicated things and making them easy to understand and giving actionable items to make change.

As a domestic violence survivor, Nicole continues to trudge through the male dominated financial services industry. Nicole completely understands the feelings of intimidation, control, and empowerment.

Nicole developed the Live It List™, a tool that changed and transformed her life. Nicole speaks across the world and shares her story and her tool, helping others to change their lives by finding happiness and fulfillment.

The world needs more people—especially women—to be financially savvy, wholly independent, happy and living a life of balance. Through Nicole’s writing, public speaking, coaching program and work, she wants to be the one who supports them on all levels.

Nicole’s Inspirations

Give me one person and I can help them find true happiness, but give me an audience and I can provide tactical information that can directly impact change in their future.

— Nicole

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