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    Author: Nicole Middendorf Your independence, success in life and financial security doesn’t end or begin with “I do”. This modern-day guide navigates the often difficult, intertwining roads of love and money, providing an eye-opening look into how you can find a true partner in life, without losing yourself in the process. We live in a world where dating has become a wild west of digital apps, ways to meet or even ways to hide. Lines have become blurred on who pays for what, not just at dinner but also at home. How are you supposed to navigate this ever-changing landscape? Author Nicole Middendorf breaks it down for you, providing tools you can implement today to have the relationship you want tomorrow.
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    Author: Nicole Middendorf Do you need $1, $5, $10 million dollars to retire?  No matter your age or financial situation, this book is exclusively for YOU! Learn the answers to real money questions from real people like you and me. From college loans to retirement and estate planning, this book offers you concise questions and answers to jump-start your financial knowledge in an easy-to-understand, but highly engaging way. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how to prevent the common money mistakes while creating a plan to help you get through each money stage of life. Are you ready to take control of your financial future?

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